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Dog & Cat Mini Onigiri Mold

SKU 77025
Add a powerful tool to your bento arsenal and watch your lunch transform!

Product Description

This unique Dog & Cat Mini Onigiri Mold allows you to create an epic character onigiri (rice ball). Included with the rice mold is a cutter that lets you cut out the smallest of details from nori (dried seaweed), cheese, ham, or anything you wish! Create the bento of your dreams with this simple mold now!
With this mold, you can easily create super adorable tiny cat and dog faces! Complete with pointy cat ears and whiskers, along with floppy dog ears and wet noses, these molds are just the perfect way to add a smile to your lunchtime.

Product Details

Set of one molds and two seaweed punch-out cutters.
Dimensions : 5 x 13.5 x 3 cm (mold), 2.5 x 2.5 x 3 cm  (punch-out cutter)
Materials : polypropylene (mold), ABS plastic (cutter)
NOT Microwave Safe or Dishwasher Safe. Gentle hand wash only.
Do not put in the oven or stove.
Made in China.