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Deco Rush Story Pink

deco rush pens
  • Deco Rush Story Pink
  • Deco Rush Story Pink
  • Deco Rush Story Pink
  • Deco Rush Story Pink
  • Deco Rush Story Pink
  • Deco Rush Story Pink
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The Deco Rush series has been one of the greatest success on Bento&co; they are indeed amazing stationary accessory to decorate your cards, letters, note and more. Customize everything you want with our complete and ready-to-use pen/refills Deco Rush Story!  


Rush Deco pens are ingenious decoration tools that work on the same principle as the correction tape: place the pen flat on your sheet of paper, pull, and, voila—it's decorated! 

Each of these sets includes a pen and two refills: that means a lot of combination possibilities for you to create and surprise your friends! ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ) 

There are 3 patterns for the Deco Rush Story Pink : 

  • Zoo : Exotic animals with their natural sceneries 
  • Party : Cakes, Presents and party garlands for cool birthday cards! 
  • Fairy Tale : Characters and scenery inspired from Snow White famous tale (but with a cute japanese design)

Check the Deco Rush Story Blue page for even more patterns and fun (^^). 


Features :

  • Retractable tip
  • Anti-slip, grip on the top of the pen for easy holding

Dimensions :

  • Body length - 11 cm
  • Tape - 6 mm (width) x 6 meters (length)

Materials :
ABS plastic and PET


In order to operate the Deco Rush, please hold the pen right way—Deco Rush will not work if held too horizontally.
Made in Vietnam.

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