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Deco Rush Atelier

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  • Deco Rush Atelier
  • Deco Rush Atelier
  • Deco Rush Atelier
  • Deco Rush Atelier
  • Deco Rush Atelier
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Add a pinch of fashion to all your stationery with Deco Rush Atelier: a classy tape decoration tools that come with elegant patterns. 

Product Description

Sometimes a page just needs to a little decoration. Deco Rush are cute stationary tools that make your stationary look fun and personalized, something in between a sticker, tape, and pen-correction tape. You can quickly liven up your notebook, your calendar, postcards, your homework, whatever! 

Deco Rush Atelier is a new challenger in the world of decoration stationary but with it's 3 different and chic patterns (polka dots, bicolor stripes or stylized fonts) it's so cute that any fans of personalization will surely love it. 

Decorate your life with Deco Rush!

Product Details

Each Deco Rush has 6 meters of tape in it (almost 20 feet)!  The tape is 6mm wide (0.2"). Don't let the word "tape" deceive you, it doesn't come off. It's not tape. It's more like pen-correction tape. 

In order to operate the Deco Rush, please hold the pen right way—Deco Rush will not work if held too horizontally.

Designed in Japan and made in Vietnam.



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