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Colorful Chopsticks Set | Tan (5 Pairs)

SKU 223200
Bento&co have partnered with the exclusive Japanese manufacturer ‘Style of Japan’ to bring you modern and traditional chopsticks that will fit perfectly in your life.

Product Description

The Colorful Chopsticks Set | Tan (5 Pairs) are made out of natural Japanese wood. The body of the chopsticks is a gentle brown, with only a few centimeters at the end left a dark wooden color, providing a unique contrast. This set contains 5 pairs of chopsticks, so rest assured you don’t run out!
These chopsticks were made with both aesthetics and practicality in mind. The top part of the chopsticks is a gentle round shape, making it easy to hold; on the other hand, the ends taper slightly to a gentle round point to achieve a uniform thinness. This functionality combined with the wooden properties of the chopsticks ensures that they feel perfectly balanced in your hands.

Product Details

Chopsticks Length: 22.5cm
Materials: natural wood, coating acrylic
Gentle hand wash!
Made in Japan