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Cochae Furoshiki Musubi | Kyoto

SKU 20464-110
The Cochae Musubi Series features Japanese lucky charms and famous landmarks printed on high-quality cotton furoshiki cloths. The exposed pattern changes depending on the wrapping method, evoking a fun and playful Japanese spirit!

Product Description

The Cochae Furoshiki Musubi | Kyoto is a 48 cm square cotton furoshiki adorned with famous Kyoto motifs. The Japanese characters for Kyoto (京都) act as a centerpiece in a fun design composed of a Shinto torii gate, kitsune foxes, a five-tiered pagoda and a Kyoto maiko (geisha apprentice) over a light blue background. Depending on the type of item you wrap, a different design will be displayed!

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 48 cm x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).
  • Weight: 44 g
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan

Need help wrapping this unique furoshiki? Check out this handy wrapping guide: