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Cedar Magewappa | Square

SKU 70175
In this series of Magewappa products, we introduce cedar bento boxes crafted via sophisticated Japanese woodwork - the bentwood magewappa technique! We are proud to offer this traditionally-crafted item for you, directly from Japan.

Magewappa means 'bent wood' in Japanese. It's a traditional form of woodcraft that is found in Odate, in the northern Akita prefecture. It is an officially designated traditional craft form in Japan. In the past, it was an encouraged form of winter work for farmers and lower-class samurai by the lord of the area.

Cedar Magewappa | Square is a square bento box with rounded corners.  The bent cedar sides, are fastened with small strips of darker cedar by highly skilled artisans using traditional methods.

It is best used with a furoshiki, wrapping cloth to keep the lid on while transporting the bento.

As with all real Magewappa ware, the wood is uncoated, which allows rice packed inside to breathe, making it taste great even when cold. It's beauty will bring a smile to your face every time you use it. Just don’t forget the simple instructions below to preserve the life of your new cedar product!


  • Hand wash with a mild soap and soft sponge or brush after use. Avoid using harsh cleaners.
  • Rinse thoroughly and wipe the wood dry using a soft cloth.
  • Allow the washed cedar to air-dry naturally completely, approximately for a day.
  • Do not leave it to soak as this will disfigure the wood over time.
  • To prevent natural cracking, treat the cedar product with a light coat of natural oil, such as coconut oil (avoid food grade oils as they can become rancid if the cedar product is not used often). Apply a light coat overnight, and then wipe off the excess.
  • Do not store it in direct heat; store in a dry area.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 6.5cm
  • Capacity: approximately 800ml
  • Material: natural cedar sourced in Japan
  • NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe! Please see the product care details below
  • Made in China