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Cabbage peeler

SKU A-76752


Impress your guests with perfect cabbage slices everytime!


This peeler makes slicing cabbage thinly a delight! No more grappling with a knife; use this peeler and have thinly sliced cabbage in seconds! You can now quickly and easily add a cabbage salad or side dish to your meal! (^_−)☆

Yet, this amazing peeler does not only slice cabbage! The blade allows you to slice a variety of vegetables in various ways, including cucumber slices, radish slides, and thin carrot strips.

The strong handle provides you with a good grip, and the blade is close to the shaft, enabling you to reduce food waste. Razor sharp edges ensure a beautiful, precise cut. Furthermore, the peeler is made out of stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting and extends its longevity!

This peeler also comes with a safety cover, perfect for keeping the sharp edges hidden when not in use.
We recommend you to put the vegetable cuts in cold water for a while in order for them to remain crunchy !


Body: ABS resin
Handle frame: Stainless steel
Peeling edge: Stainless steel cutlery
Safety cover: Methacrylic resin

Product size, approx:
Peeler: W3 x D24 x H3.5cm
Safety Cover: W7.5x D3.5 x H1cm

Please note that this product is NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash only.