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Nokorimono Big Bento Box

SKU 40831

The writing on the lid of the Nokorimono Big Bento Box, rendered in gold, says nokorimono desuga..., 'I'm afraid they're just leftovers...'

Let's face it, sometimes we use leftovers for our bentos- to save time and money. With this box, we can have a little chuckle while we enjoy our bento lunch- even if it's just a bit of last night's dinner.

Product Description

With an extra-large 1300 ml total capacity, the Nokorimono Big Bento Box let's you bring even more of yesterday's meals! This bento also includes a removable, sealed top tier and a bento band for secure transportation of your precious leftover meal.


Product Details:  

  • Capacity: 1300¬†ml total capacity, 500 ml top tier and 800 ml lower tier
  • Dimensions: 17¬†√ó 13 √ó 9.6 cm (6.7" x 5.1" x 3.8")¬†

Product Care:


  • Microwave safe¬†(maximum¬†2 minutes at 700 watts) with¬†the inner and outer lids removed¬†¬†
  • Dishwasher safe¬†with¬†the inner and outer lids removed¬†¬†

Made in Ishikawa, Japan.