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Basket Bento Usagi

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  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
  • Basket Bento Usagi
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Basket Bento Usagi is a combination bento box and picnic carrier. It has three large boxes that neatly stack together. It's great for carrying along a bento feast for a crowd, or a picnic lunch for the whole family o(^∀^*)o.

Basket Bento Usagi is available in two beautiful lacquer-look colours: contrasting red lid or black lid. 

Product Description

Basket Bento Usagi is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese stacking bento box, or juubako, used to present feasts on the table as well as to transport meals for picnics. The three stacking boxes can be transported securely with the fitted carrier/handle. A black velcro band holds the lid in place for extra stability.

The upper lid is decorated with a beautiful stylised rabbit in white and red on a golden backdrop. The two colour ways each come with their own little art piece - pick your favourite! The pieces is really quite stunning - they are beautiful! 

Use this set for memorable picnics or for a lovely tabletop presentation at your next party(‘∀’●)♡.


  • Basket Bento consists of 5 parts:
    3 capacious, stacking bento boxes with a total capacity of 2.3 litres (about 10 cups) - that's a lot of sushi and onigiri! Each box or compartment has a capacity of 770ml. The interiors of the boxes are black, and the exteriors are either red or black.

    An upper lid, decorated with a rabbit and gold; red or black on the outside, and black on the inside.

    A sturdy black holder/carrier that fits around the boxes, with a velcro band that secures the lid.
  • Overall dimensions: 20.7 × 14 × 20.5 cm (8.2" x 5.5" x 8.15").
  • The boxes and lid are made of ABS, with a safe temperature range of -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F)).
  • Handwashing is recommended. Not microwave safe.
  • Made in Japan by Hakoya.

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