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Bamboo Food Grater

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Carefully crafted from a beautiful piece of Bamboo, this food grater is a great example of how versatile the material really is - once sharpened Bamboo provides an excellent sharp edge for grating vegetables. You won't believe how easy using it will be!

The maker of this grater, Miyabitake are experts at making cookware and Bento equipment from Bamboo - a great, beautiful material that is decisively Japanese. 

Bamboofiy your life! 

Product Description

Traditionally used for daikon (japanese radish) or ginger, this bamboo food grater is also perfect for same kind of vegetables that you may use everyday in your meals. 

The sturdy handle provides you with a solid base for when you are grating. 

How to use it?

Unless you have very fresh, young ginger with thin skin, it's best to peel ginger first. Then to grate it, drag the ginger up and down the grater. When you're done, turn it over and tap the grater on your chopping board to remove excess flesh and any precious juice. To clean, just rinse under running water.

Grating can be messy and plastic and metallic food graters are sometimes difficult to clean, not this one - simple rinse it off and the bamboo teeth will be clean again. 

Product Details 

  • Dimensions: 7cm x L18cm
  • Hand-washing
  • Made from food-grade treated Bamboo
  • Made in Japan