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Arte Chopsticks Set | Lemon

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SKU 1113822
Covered with cute images of apples, lemons, or leaves, the vibrant colors of the Arte Collection will bring a smile to your face!

Product Description

Add a touch of modern cuteness to your lunch with Arte Chopsticks Set | Lemon! Lemons dance across the yellow lid, surrounded by white and purple decorations. The slidable case contains chopsticks made out of natural wood;  with the ends tapering slightly to achieve a uniform thinness, the chopsticks feel perfectly balanced in your hands.

Product Details

Dimensions: 2.8 x 19.7 x 1.4cm
Chopsticks Length: 18cm
Materials: H-OPP, A, chopsticks (natural wood)
NOT Microwave or Dishwasher safe; gentle hand wash only!
Made in Japan