Eco-friendly and beautiful, furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloths that can be used to wrap bento boxes, gifts, wine bottles and more.

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Aquadrop Water-Repellent Furoshiki 100cm | Orange Peony

Aquadrop Water-Repellent Furoshiki 100cm | Orange Peony

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The new "Aquadrop" series brings you large furoshiki that is not only water-repellent, but is quick drying and resistant to stains.

What we love about it:

  • Part of the "Hime Musubi" series which is designed by Adeline Klam, a French designer renowned for adapting traditional Japanese patterns to modern tastes, particularly with traditional Japanese washi paper. This elegant furoshiki is adorned with overlapping Peony flowers in beautiful shades of orange, yellow, green and purple.
  • Generous size makes it perfect to use as a bag, to protect items from the rain during transport, as a shawl, picnic blanket, diaper changing sheet and much more!


  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm ( 39.3″ x 39.3″)
  • Material: Polyester
  • Made in Japan
  • Water-repellent properties should last for several years.
  • Care:  This furoshiki is machine-wash safe but we recommend cleaning by wiping off spills, or hand-washing to help preserve the water-repellent properties. To help restore some of the water-repellent properties, iron the surface of the furoshiki using an iron on low-medium heat, with a handkerchief or other light fabric placed between the furoshiki and the iron.

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