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Animal Sandwich Cutter & Stamp

SKU P-3087
Add a powerful tool to your bento arsenal and watch your lunch transform!

Product Description

The cute Animal Sandwich Cutter & Stamp is perfect for cutting bread into unique shapes! Four smiling animals are waiting for you; a bear, squirrel, whale, and seal!
Using two slices of soft bread with the crusts chopped off, put your filling in between them (leaving enough room on the sides), and then insert both slices into the mold. Press down hard, and you will get an adorable animal shaped sandwich!

The sandwich will be sealed all around the edges, and can be eaten as-is or lightly toasted in a toaster oven; you can also try toasting the bread before cutting it if you don't have a toaster oven. You can also try folding a single slice of bread in half and sealing the edges.
Create the bento of your dreams with this simple mold now!

Product Details

Set of 4 stamps and a white sandwich cutter.
Size of completed square sandwiches: approximately 4cm.
Materials: ABS plastic
Made in China