2017 Chef Bento: Noodles of fun! International Bento Contest Rules

Bento&Co 2017 International Contest is starting today (April 1st, 2017)! NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE! >_<

Sharpen your cooking skills and get ready to make your best bento yet ~

From now until Tuesday April 18th (12 noon, JST Japan time) we will accept your amazing creations!

This year's theme is: Noodle Bento 

Contest Rules

I. Can I enter this contest?

The contest is free and open to all people over the age of 18 years. Participants must read these rules and agree to follow them.

II. Participation and General Principles

a. Terms of the competition


Basically, we would like to see a classic bento preparation with a noodle dish

It’s a big world - get inspired by your own culture or any other when you create your masterpiece Bento!

Using local and in-season products from the contestant’s region is a plus, as this adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of the bentos.

As we can't taste your bento, visuals are the single most important factor for assessment: your bento should be well presented and photogenic!

To make assessment fair we provide the following rules which your contribution must follow this rules:

1) The Bento must be for 1 person.

2) The bento box must be of one or two compartments maximum. No picnic or XL boxes allowed. 

3) The noodles can be of any "long" type: Italian (e.g. spaghetti, linguine, etc.), Asian (e.g. udon, soba, ramen), and so on and so forth. Noodles made with buckwheat, wheat, and rice flour are acceptable. However, any "short" or shaped noodles such as ravioli, gnocchi, or dumplings are NOT accepted! If you are unsure whether or not your choice of noodle is okay, please ask us at yourbento@bentoandco.com with the subject line: Chef Bento 2017 Inquiry


4) The noodles can either be the main dish or side dish of the bento. Keep the emphasis on the noodle ingredients and decoration.

5) It is not necessary to be a customer of Bento&co.

6) It is not necessary to use Bento&co products to participate. But please, use a Bento Box / Lunch Box (not a plate!)

7) Friends and family members of employees of Bento&co, and also bloggers affiliated with Bento&co cannot be designated winners.

b. Sending your picture  

- Each contestant may submit one single photo, horizontal or vertical!

- Please do not attach a watermark! By participating in the contest, the contestant agrees that the photo submitted for the contest can be utilized on Bento&Co's Website and related social media sites (online shops, blogs, facebook pages, twitter, etc.).

Bento&Co becomes the holder of the rights of the photo sent in for the contest and reserves the right to utilize it for commercial purposes.

-To increase chances of winning, we strongly recommend only sending a top quality photo, taken in a setting with good lightning and using a neutral background to highlight the bento itself. It is best to avoid using a flash and avoid low resolution photos. 

- A description of three or four sentences must accompany the photo. Sending recipes is optional. Extra information beyond the short description will not influence the decision, the winner is chosen solely based on the photo and the short description.

The email message to which the photo is attached should have the following subject: CHEF BENTO CONTEST 2017 - YOUR NAME - YOUR COUNTRY;
Your email should 
include the contestant's name, address, email address and telephone number and be sent to yourbento@bentoandco.com.

c. Announcement  of winners

Based on the best entries, Bento&Co will pick two grand winners from the participants and 10 finalists. The 10 finalists and the 2 Grand Winners will be announced on Friday, April 21st.

The ranking of the 10 finalists will be decided by an online public vote on Bento&Co website. The vote will open on April 21st and close at 12 noon April 27th. All times are Japan Standard Time (JST).

On April 28th, the ranking of the 10 finalists, decided by the public vote, will be announced.

All winners will get a confirmation email.

d. Prizes

Grand Winner who is outside of Japan

One grand winner will be chosen from contestants who are outside of Japan and be given a round-trip plane ticket to Japan.

Grand Winner living in Japan 

One grand winner will be chosen from contestants who are in Japan, this person will receive a night’s stay for two at a hotel in Kyoto.

Additional costs during the trip (extended period of stay, transportation, meals, visits to temples) will be borne by the contest winner. The dates of these trips will be determined after the end of the contest. Bento&co is not responsible for any problems that might occur while the winners are on these trips.

Prizes of the the 10 finalists

The 10 finalists will receive prizes offered by our partners: bento boxes, bento and cooking accessories. The ranking of the 10 finalists determine the number and value of the prizes awarded to them. 

Everybody's a Winner

If you are not chosen as one the grand winners or top 10 finalists, you will still win a 10% discount just for your participation! 

Have some questions about this contest? Check out the FAQ !
Or drop us an email: yourbento@bentoandco.com


III. Participation Form 

Drop us an email at yourbento@bentoandco.com, with subject line as follows : 

To be included when sending the photo:

First Name:  
Family Name (last name): 

Telephone Number: 
Email Address: 
Postal Address:  

(  ) I certify that I am over 18 years of age.
(  ) I have not, nor have been, a part of Bento&Co, its partners, or a judge in this contest.   

Describe your bento in 3 to 4 lines: