Bento&Co Contest 2012 : results and review

 The Bento&co contest 2012 is now over. 

The public vote determined the order of the top 10 bento, set in the following order : 

1. Shirley from Singapore, with 1292 votes, wins the grand contest prize ! 

2. Syntia from Germany with 1173 votes is our second winner. 

3. Miki from Japan, 865 votes

4. Aurélie from France, 667 votes

5. Marion from France, 547 votes

6. Lise-Marie from France, 479 votes

7. Gabi from France, 278 votes

8. Juliette from France, 223 votes

9. Maho from France, 170 votes

10. Tataya from Japan, 122 votes

Here are the three fantastic first bento : 

If you want to have a look at the whole gallery, with the 237 entries, it's on our Facebook page, here. 

237 entries from 22 countries

It looks like you enjoyed a look this year's theme, "Bento onigiri" because we never received as much as entries than this year. All of you make an great effort to prepare an appetizing and colorful bento with at least two onigiri. We know that some of you spent hours to think / prepare / eat the bento and we would like to thank everybody to let us enjoy your work for that ! The level is getting higher and higher, we're very looking forward to see next year's contest ! 

We also would like to thank our partners for offering great prizes (mainly bento goodies), and a big thank to our friends, Maki from JustBento and Amélie from A vos Baguettes for having participated to the selection of the top 10. 

Some key figures of the contest