2018 Chef Bento F.A.Q.

Are you planning to participate in our 
Bento cooking contest

Great, here are a few details that you might wanna know! (^ _ ^)/

Before getting started we strongly recommend everyone to visit our rules page. This should answer any initial questions you have. 

1. What does the theme, "Before & After" mean?

We want to see your bento skills, but also the ingredients that you used. Show us a "Before" photo with all ingredients, and then use your skills to show us an "After" photo to show us how good your skills  really are in transforming those ingredients into a beautiful Bento ! :) 


2. I'm Vegan, can I take part in this contest?

Of course !! Vegetarian, veganism and all other diet types are more than welcome to show the world than bento are for everyone :) !


3. What types of bento boxes can I use?

A nice bento box would be perfect! It can be small, traditional, modern, round, square or kawaii! Just make sure it has only one or two tiers (levels) maximum.


4. How can I take awesome bento pictures?

Landscape or portrait format, it's up to you as long as your bento comes across at its very best!  Make sure we can see the food inside. No need to add some decoration around your box such as flowers or objects, the content of your Bento and the presentation is the only aspect that will be judged. If you can place your box on a plain background (table / furoshiki) it would be great! Furthermore, the lighting is also very important (taking your picture in a dark room is not a very good idea). Natural light (close to a big window) is way better than a standard artificial lights and your smartphone flash :).


5. Voilà ! My bento is ready, let's add my watermark/logo on this great picture. 

Please don't! In accordance with this contest rules, the pictures maybe be utilized afterwards on Bento&co site and related social media. No worry though, we're not going to forget your work and will definitively credit every pictures. 


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