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Sakura Black Tea | 15 Tea Bags

Sakura Black Tea | 15 Tea Bags

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This delicious black tea is made from Benifuuki tea leaves from Kagoshima prefecture and a blend of sakura leaves and salt-pickled sakura leaves from Shizuoka prefecture. 

What we love about it:

  • Mellow taste with fragrant cherry blossom aroma. 
  • Made from Benifuuki tea leaves, a Japanese tea touted for its high methylated catechin content which helps relieve stress and allergy symptoms. 
  • Delicious straight or for making sakura milk tea.
  • 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial flavoring and colors. 

How to enjoy:

Straight: Steep for 3-5 minutes. Hot water brewed to around 80° celsius will best allow the sakura fragrance to bloom. 
Milk Tea: Follow instructions for straight tea with addition of milk at the end, or combine 1 teabag with 60mL of water with 120mL of milk in a mug and microwave at 600watts for 2min. 


  • 15 bags of Japanese black tea. 
  • Grown and packaged in Kyoto, Japan
  • Store in a cool dark place avoiding high temperature and humidity
  • Ingredients:  Black tea (from Kagoshima Prefecture), cherry leaves (from Shizuoka Prefecture), salt, yaki myoban (roasted alum)
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