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Wamoyou Picnic Bento Box | Black

SKU 39-72172-8

The Wamoyou Picnic Bento Box is an extra large bento box, ideal for preparing a group lunch before admiring the autumn foliage at a picnic with friends! Enjoy its big capacity and convenient set of smaller containers ;-)

Product Description

The Wamoyou Bento has two large containers. The upper tier is divided into 3 parts and the lower tier comes with no less than nine removable smaller boxes. 
If needed, each of the small containers can even hold a regular lunch on its own, as there is plenty of room for many different meals in this box. The upper container also includes a hermetic lid- ideal for storing a pair of chopsticks or cutlery.

Whether you choose to pack salads, Japanese food, wraps, or fruits- this bento is quite simply perfect for a picnic.

Details and Care

  • Dimensions:¬†18cm (7.08") wide and 10,5cm (4.15") high.
  • Capacity: upper container 1.2 L / lower container 1.35 L.
  • Material:¬†BS and PS plastic,¬†BPA free.
  • Not¬†microwave or dishwasher safe. Hand-washing is recommended.
  • Made in Japan¬†with high quality materials.