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Kame Bento Box | Dragon Ball


The 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Collection. Celebrating 30 years of the legendary animated series. Designed and produced exclusively for Bento&co!

Product Description

The Kame Bento Box is a bright orange single-tier bento of 1000ml, featuring the famous Dragon Ball symbol, Japanese kanji for kame or turtle! Goku started to wear this emblem once he completed his first 8 months of training under the Master Turtle Hermit, Kame Sen'nin.

With a generous one liter capacity and a removable inner container, pack this lunch box full and fuel your day of action-packed adventures! A navy elastic bento band, the same color as Goku's obi (waist belt), is also included!

Product Details


21.5 cm x 13.2 cm x 5 cm
Main box: PET.ABS
Inner compartment: Polypropylene

All BPA-free.

Product Care


Microwave safe and dishwasher safe without its lid.
Do not put in oven or on the stove.

Made in Japan, Ishikawa.