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Sakura Flower Picnic Bento Box | Pink

SKU 239212
Feel the essence of spring time in Japan with bento boxes shaped like sakura (桜; cherry blossoms)!

Product Description

This stunning two tier Sakura Flower Picnic Bento Box | Pink is absolutely unique and one of a kind! Each tier is shaped like a five petal cherry blossom! During spring time in Japan, these beautiful blossoms bloom across the entire country, turning everything a shade of pink. One beloved Japanese springtime tradition is ohanami (お花見), where you fill a picnic bentos with lots of delicious food, and picnic with your family and friends underneath the cherry blossoms!
This giant pink two tier picnic box is perfect for a family outing; why not recreate ohanami with your friends and family? With a total capacity of 3 liters, you can pack in everyone's favorite foods and snacks with ease! The top tier is also divided into five separate containers, so you can divide all of the different food with ease!

Product Details

Dimensions: 23.3 x 23.3 x 11cm
Capacity: upper tier 1500mL, lower tier 1500mL, total capacity 3000mL
Materials: ABS resin (urethane resin), polyethylene, polystyrene
NOT Microwave or Dishwasher safe; gentle hand wash only!
Made in Japan