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Big Norio Picnic Bento Box 2.5 L

SKU 52813

Norio is back - bigger, stronger, and feistier than ever! Big Norio is a large box set that is ideal for picnics or al fresco dining with family and friends. 

Product Description 

Big Norio is the extra-large version of our very popular Onigiri Box Norio. The box consists of 2 large, triangular tiers with an angry (but oh so cute!) expression on the lid.

This box does not come with a bento band, so we suggest pairing with a 42 cm lunch band or with a 70+cm sized furoshiki.

Product Details  

Dimensions: 210 √ó 204 √ó 105 mm (7.87" x 7.8" x 3.15").
Capacity: 2500 ml total  (upper tier 1000 ml, lower tier 1500ml)
The outer lid (with Big Norio's face on it) and the 2 boxes are made of ABS, and are not microwave safe. Gentle hand washing is recommended to preserve Big Norio's face!

    Made in Ishikawa, Japan.