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Nokorimono Big Bento Box

SKU 40831

The writing on the lid of the Nokorimono¬†Big Bento Box, rendered in gold, says¬†nokorimono desuga...(śģč„āäÁČ©„Āß„Āô„ĀƂĶ), 'I'm afraid¬†they're¬†just leftovers...'

Let's face it, sometimes we use leftovers for our bentos- to save time and money. With this box, we can have a little chuckle while we enjoy our bento lunch- even if it's just a bit of last night's dinner.

Product Description

With an extra-large 1300 ml total capacity, the Nokorimono Big Bento Box let's you bring even more of yesterday's meals! This bento also includes a removable, sealed top tier and a bento band for secure transportation of your precious leftover meal.


Product Details:  

  • Capacity: 1300¬†ml total capacity, 500 ml top tier and 800 ml lower tier
  • Dimensions: 17¬†√ó 13 √ó 9.6 cm (6.7" x 5.1" x 3.8")¬†

Product Care:


  • Microwave safe¬†(maximum¬†2 minutes at 700 watts) with¬†the inner and outer lids removed¬†¬†
  • Dishwasher safe¬†with¬†the inner and outer lids removed¬†¬†

Made in Ishikawa, Japan.