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Totoro Field Chopsticks Set

SKU 427213

Join Totoro in the height of spring with the Totoro Fields Collection, featuring bentos, cutlery sets, bags, drink bottles and more!

Product Description

Totoro and his friends Mini Totoro and the beloved sootballs are enjoying the rays of spring sunshine on the pale green lid of this adorable Totoro Field Chopsticks Set. Open the case to find a set of off-white chopsticks with “My Neighbor Totoro” featured in bright, bold letters at the top. This slim cutlery set easily fits alongside your bento in any lunch bag or furoshiki wrap!

Complete the set with one of our Totoro Field Bento Boxes!

Product Details

Chopsticks - 18 cm (7.1”)
Case - 19 cm x 3.1 cm x 1.3 cm 

Lid - AS plastic
Body - polypropylene
Chopsticks - methacrylic plastic

Product Care:

Dishwasher safe.

Made in Japan.