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La boutique spécialiste du bento en direct de Kyoto au Japon !

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The best of the best, the creme de la creme of Bento&co products in the World! Fans love them and there is a reason why they have been selected by that many people: you clearly can't go wrong with these 20 items! If you weren't sure about which products to discover first, you've come to the right place.

  • Irodori
  • Onigiri Push | Sankaku
  • Edo Bento
  • Puppy Onigiri Set
  • Combini Onigiri
  • Bento Sets Sales
    Nishijin Bento Set
  • Bento Boxes Sales
    Cooking With Dog  | Bento Boxes
  • Silicone Square Cups
  • Cup Collection | 4 Colors
  • Big Kokeshi Bento Maneki-Neko Black
  • Happa Picks 2
  • Shokado Restaurant
  • Nara Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Bento Colors | Orange
  • Tare Bin Animal
  • Donburi Animal Cups
  • Cool Pack Big
  • Neko Kao Onigiri Set
  • Sakura Latte by Tea Boutique

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