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Zojirushi - Compact & Black


Whether in the office or on the go, if you're looking for something that keep your food hot until lunch or suitably-warm all day, Zojirushi - Compact & Black is right here. 

Size M.
The Zojirushi - Slim & Compact set includes all you need for bringing your lunch along:
- 2 small containers of 210 ml with clip-on lids
- 1 stainless steel isothermal container with a capacity of 240ml (keep your food warm, but not 100% leak proof).
- a pair of chopsticks with case 
- a stylish black carrying bag, suitable for use by a man or woman.  
Zojirushi is a Japanese brand known for high-quality isothermal containers and rice cookers. 
The stainless steel container, properly prepared (see below) can keep food hot for up to 6 hours. The 2 smaller containers are meant to be used for side dishes that don't need to be kept warm. In Japan this container is normally used for rice, but you can fill it with whatever you like!
Be careful, the metal and plastic parts are independant. Don't hold the box only with the box's lid. 

The plastic contains silver ion which keeps food safely since silver ions are antimicrobiam. BPA free.




Total capacity : 0,66 L.
Bag's measurements : 8.66" x 13 x 8cm (8.6" x 5.1" x 3.1")
Weight : 460 grams


Tier x 2: 210 ml x 2 - Polypropylene - Microwave-safe
Thermos container - 240 ml - Stainless steel - Not microwave-safe

The inside of the thermos container is also not microwave safe.

The chopsticks are 18cm long and come in a carrying case. 


The bag is made of polyester 


Side boxes: Polypropelene, with polyethylene lids. The side boxes are microwave and dishwasher safe with the lids removed
Main container: Stainless steel with polypropelene lid. The main container is not microwave safe since it's metal! Hand washing is recommended. 
Made in Thailand.