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Beginner Bundle | Modern

Designed exclusively for Bento Beginners, embark on your bento journey with this Modern themed beginner’s bundle, containing the perfect lunch set- a bento box, cutlery, and a bag to put everything into!
Square Lunch Black & Black: Stylish and convenient, Square Lunch Black & Black is a chic and modern bento box, which is great for lunch at work or for taking out on a picnic. It’s great for those with big appetites. It’s compact, so it’s easier to carry around than other large picnic-style bento boxes. Take it out and see how great it is!
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GO OUT Cutlery | Obsidian: With a compact case containing a spoon, fork, knife and collapsable chopsticks, never go unprepared with the Go Out Cutlery Set! No longer do you have to agonize over what cutlery you may need for today’s bento- this convenient cutlery set takes care of it all!
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Cool Lunch Bag Black: The Cool Lunch Bag is an isothermal bag, specially designed to keep your meals and drinks cool, even during summer. The Black version is the biggest of all, with enough room to bring a bento and drink bottle everywhere with you.
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