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Sakura Tea Box Large | Black

SKU 56491
Keep your tea fresh in a container as beautiful and unique as the leaves it holds!

Product Description

The Sakura Tea Box Large | Black consists of one compartment with an inner sealed lid to keep your tea airtight and moisture-free. The container is covered with beautiful blooming sakura cherry blossoms. 
Variations of this motif are used year around on clothing articles in Japan, but they are particularly prevalent during spring when the majority of cherry blossom trees bloom. Because of this timing, cherry blossoms are also associated with new beginnings as they coincide with the start of the year for Japanese schools and businesses.
This gorgeous Japanese-style box perfectly displays your finest teas, coffee, sweets or anything else you need to keep fresh.

Product Details

Capacity: 650 ml
Dimensions: 8.7 x 15cm
Materials: ABS, PP, silicone rubber seal
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe
Hand wash before use.
Made by Hakoya in Ishikawa, Japan.