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Takoyaki Oil Brush

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SKU DS-1019

Looking to make some tasty, delicous Takoyaki? Well then you need this kawaii Basting Brush too! 

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Product Description

When you are making Takoyaki the right balance of Oil in your molds is crucial, too little and they'll burn, too much and they won't have that delicious crispy surface - what you need to perfect it is this Basting Brush!  With 100% cotton the strains of the brush will perfectly and evenly separate oil in each mold to make great Takoyaki, and the little Octopus figure on top is too cute too!  Also included in this seat is a little saucer for your to fill up with oil so you can easily spread it in the molds! 

Product Details  

Basting Brush- 105 √ó 30 √ó 30mm
Saucer, 33 × 55 × 55mm. 
ABS and Resin plastics and metal  
Yarn: Cotton
Saucer: Silicone
Made in China (saucer) and Japan (brush)