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Takoyaki Batter Set

SKU DS-1021
Ready to make the tastiest snack in Japan? Make it even better with this kawaii little set! Takoyaki are super tasty octopus-filled dumplings, usually enjoyed at at street vendors throughout Japan. Now you make this yummy snack right at home!

Product Description

The set consist of two main components, one whisk to make the perfect batter and a cute bowl, with a strainer as a hat. The whisk is nice and sturdy, ready to be used for anything you need! On top of the handle, you have a super kawaii little octopus cheering you on when you work the batter. The bowl is decorated like a octopus too!

Product Details 

Dimensions: Bowl, 240 × 155 × 115mm, Colander 150 × 145 × 35mm, Whip 228 × 43 × 43mm
Materials: BPA-free plastics
Made in Japan