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Furoshiki Same Sakura 45cm Red-Yellow

SKU 10168-102

The Furoshiki Same Sakura range consists in three 45cm (17.7") beautiful square wrapping cloths. It comes in three colorways: purple/green, red/yellow and blue/pink. The reversible cloth can be folded and wrapped in many different ways and makes your bento very unique. 

Same” means “shark” in japanese, which refers to the recto side of the furoshiki (purple, red or blue) decorated with a interesting sharkskin-like pattern. The other side is decorated with Sakura little flowers.  

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths (Wikipedia). They used to be used for everything - as an impromptu bag, for wrapping things for storage, as a reusable gift wrapping. Furoshiki have been making a comeback in Japan in recent years, as a beautiful, reusable and eco-friendly way of wrapping things up! 

Product Description 

The size of this cloth (45cm) is ideal to wrap Kokeshi Bento.
You can also get the 104 cm version of this furoshiki.

How to wrap a bento box in a furoshiki :

Place the bento box in the middle of the furoshiki. If the box is square in shape, place it on the diagona, so the sides are facing the corners of the cloth. Bring two opposite corners of the cloth over the box and tie securely. Bring the other two corners over the cloth, and tie again. With a large furoshiki, you can make a second knot to create a handle. 

Product Details 

Furoshiki Same Sakura is made of 100% polyester (polyester fabric is very convenient for wrapping and folding). It is machine-washable; use the gentle cycle and lukewarm water  (recommended maximum water temperature: 40 degrees C / 104 degrees F). It is relatively wrinkle-free, but you can iron it to keep it pristine.

Made in Japan.