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Totoro Field 3 Piece Stackable Bento Set

SKU 427329

Join Totoro in the height of spring with the Totoro Field Collection, featuring bentos, cutlery sets, bags and more!

Product Description

Totoro and his friends, Mini Totoro, and the beloved sootballs are enjoying the rays of spring sunshine on the pale green lids of this adorable Totoro Field 3 Piece Stackable Bento Set. Frolicking amidst the beautiful forest, your Totoro friends are sure to uplift your spirits.

This convenient compact bento set features three boxes that can be neatly stacked inside each other once you are done with lunch! Use all of the boxes for a lunchtime feast; or pack your lunch in one and snacks or desserts in another! 

Product Details


15.1 cm x 10.5 cm x 5.4 cm | 540ml
14 cm × 9.3 cm × 4.7 cm | 350ml
12.8 cm × 8.3 cm × 3.8 cm | 230ml


Main box - Polypropylene
Lid - EVA resin

Product Care


Not microwave safe or dishwasher safe.
Do not put in oven or on the stove.