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Sumikko Gurashi Side Lock Bento Box | Oval

SKU 441660
Meet Sumikko Gurashi, super cute Japanese mascots from the San-X company that have taken the country by storm! The main characters are Shirokuma (a cold hating polar bear), Penguin? (who is unsure whether he is a penguin or not), Tonkatsu (a leftover piece of pork cutlet), Neko (an anxious and shy cat), and Tokage (a dinosaur who pretends to be a lizard).

Product Description

The five Sumikko Gurashi friends are lined up on this cute Sumikko Gurashi Side Lock Bento Box | Oval! They are joined by three small Minikko characters, Ebifurai no Shippo (the leftover tail of a fried shrimp), Tapioca (small tapioca pearls found in bubble tea drinks), and Hokori (a dust ball that often piles up in corners)! They are all helping Shirokuma, who is holding a pencil and doodling absently on the paper! 
Inside the one tier bento you will find a small container and an inner divider, ideal for separating your favorite foods! The bright sunshine yellow side locks snap shut securely, making your bento more secure on its journey to lunch time! With a total capacity of 360mL, this bento is ideal for a small lunch, or a collection of snacks ^^

Product Details

Dimensions: 14.8 x 12.3 x 5.6cm
Capacity: 360mL
Materials: lid (AS resin), main body/separator/divider (polypropylene), side locks (ABS resin), silicone seal
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe! (without the lid!)
Includes an inner divider, and small container
Made in Japan