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Kokutan Asanoha Bento Bundle

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$ 40.05 USD
A bento bundle featuring the traditional Asanoha pattern. This pattern represents overlapping hemp leaves, which were grown in Japan for thousands of years to make textiles! It’s a motif believed to bring health and good fortune. Features the large capacity, convenient Kokutan One Tier Bento Box with matching chopstick set, both hand sanded and hand painted, and a beautiful reversible furoshiki to wrap it all up. Save 10% by buying the bundle.


 1-tier bento made from BPA-free plastic, 800mL capacity. Easy to clean, with a raised Asanoha pattern on the lid. Hand painted. Includes a black lunch-band.
Matches the Kokutan One Tier Bento Box. Wooden chopsticks in a beautiful sliding case featuring the Asanoha pattern on the lid.
100% cotton furoshiki wrapping cloth featuring pattern of blue Nami (waves) and red Asanoha pattern
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