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Kokeshi Geiko Bundle


A fun Kyoto-inspired bento set featuring our exclusive Kokeshi Geiko Kyoto Bento Box and matching accessories.

Kokeshi Doll Kyoto Bento Box | Geiko

The Geiko Kokeshi Doll Kyoto Bento represents a traditional Japanese hostess, complete with an adorable violet kimono. Geiko, the name for "Geisha" in Kyoto, means "woman of art" in Japanese. Kokeshi bento boxes consist of:


- a two-layered box featuring an upper compartment with a domed, leak-resistant inner lid 
- an inverted bowl disguised as a cute headpiece for the kokeshi doll
- an elastic bento band to hold everything together

Pastel Cutlery Set | Pink

A vivid pink cutlery set containing a cream colored plastic spoon and fork.

Delicate Sakura Bag | Pink

A spacious cotton bento bag showcasing stunning white sakura blossoms on a light pink background. 

Niji Iro Picks

A set of 50 colorful food picks in five cute styles: stars, bears, clovers, hearts and music notes.