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KitKat Chocolate Bars | Autumn Chestnut (Special Edition Autumn 2020)

SKU 1172721
Crisp wafers enveloped in a fragrant, chestnut white chocolate that contains real chestnut powder. A limited edition, luxurious treat for the fall!‚Ä®

Product Description

Autumn Chestnut flavored, seasonal edition mini kitkats! Contains 12 individually wrapped bars.

Fun fact, in Japan, KitKats are a national obsession! While most people are familiar with the standard milk chocolate flavor, over 300 limited edition and seasonal flavors have been produced in Japan since 2000. Since KitKat sounds like the Japanese phrase Kitto Katsu, meaning 'likely victory', KitKats are often given by parents to children to wish them luck before taking school exams.

Product Details

12 individually wrapped bars (each bar has two sticks).

Ingredients: Chocolate (sugar, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), wheat flour, vegetable oil, lactose, sugar, chestnut powder, cocoa powder, yeast, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter / emulsifier, flavoring agent, caramel coloring agent, baking soda, yeast food.

Allergen warning: contains wheat, milk and soy products. Produced in a facility that also processes nuts.

Made by Nestlé in Japan
Best before May, 2021