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Ink Scroll Chopsticks | Rat

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SKU 220353
Bento&co have partnered with the exclusive Japanese manufacturer ‘Style of Japan’ to bring you modern and traditional chopsticks that will fit perfectly in your life.

Product Description

With the Ink Scroll Chopsticks | Rat you get the chance to truly enjoy a piece of Japanese tradition and art, carved by skilled artisans out of natural wood. Mimicking traditional Japanese ink paintings, the Rat zodiac is skillfully portrayed on the cream background.
These chopsticks were made with both aesthetics and practicality in mind. The top part of the chopsticks is a gentle circular shape, making it easy to hold; on the other hand, the ends taper slightly to a gentle round point to achieve a uniform thinness. This functionality combined with the wooden properties of the chopsticks ensures that they feel perfectly balanced in your hands.

Product Details

Chopsticks Length: 23cm

Materials: natural wood, coating acrylic

Gentle hand wash!

Made in Japan