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Free and Easy Side Container | White

SKU 43-76453
Slightly smaller than the other boxes in the series, this bento is perfect for snacks or those with smaller appetites.

Product Description

The modern and minimalist Free and Easy Side Container | White has a very contemporary design and will complement any meal. Under the lid you'll find a two layered box holding a total of 500 ml. The small size enables you to create side dishes for your larger meals, or take some snacks to work or school.  or an extra snack. The solid lids allows a good seal, with an inner lid between the layers keeping it all together.

Product Details

Dimensions: 9 x 9cm
Capacity: upper tier 200mL, lower tier 300mL, total capacity 500mL
Materials: PET, ABS plastics
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe WITHOUT all lids (including the inner lid)
Made in Ishikawa, Japan