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Foldable Bamboo Onigiri Basket

SKU 70220
Carry your onigiri rice balls in chic traditional Japanese style!

Product Description

The Foldable Bamboo Onigiri Basket is a traditional style triangular carrier designed for transporting onigiri rice balls. The carrier is composed of a stiff woven frame, a rolling mat cover and a bamboo wrapping sheet insert (five sheets are included with each carrier). The clever design allows for onigiri to be protected during transport while still allowing the rice to naturally breathe. When you have finished your onigiri, the basket folds flat for compact carrying in your bag or furoshiki.
You can also get extra bamboo wrapping sheets here.

Product Details and Care

17.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 9 cm (2.5 cm height when folded flat)
Bamboo, Nylon (string) 
*5 bamboo sheets are included. Each sheet can be hand washed and air dried several times until it begins to degrade.
NOT microwave or dishwasher safe. Hand wash and allow to air dry completely.
Do not put in oven or on the stove.

Made in Japan.