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Dried Bamboo Wrapping Sheets (Pack of 5)

SKU 81040
An eco-friendly and stylish solution for carrying your onigiri and more!

Product Description

Used in Japan for hundreds of years, Dried Bamboo Wrapping Sheets are a biodegradable, eco-friendly solution for transporting onigiri rice balls, pressed sushi, traditional sweets and other finger foods. Simply wrap your food with a bamboo sheet (using the whole sheet or cut to size), and tie with a piece of twine for an elegant presentation that is easy on the environment. Apart from looking great, dried bamboo has anti-microbial properties and allows the wrapped contents to breathe without letting it dry out.


These sheets can also be used to steam foods like Chinese sticky rice dumplings.

Product Details and Care

Dimensions: 14 (W) x 45 (L) cm

Materials: Natural Bamboo

NOT microwave or dishwasher safe.
Do not put in oven or on the stove.

Made in Japan.