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Furikake Omusubi Yama | Goma Kombu

SKU 838784

Furikake, which means ‘to sprinkle over’ in Japanese, is a beloved Japanese condiment. An amazing accompaniment to piping hot white rice, furikake is also great on salads, tofu, meat—you name it!
The Furikake Omusubi Yama Goma Kombu packs a punch with flavorful black sesame and kombu (kelp).
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    • 31 g per package
    • Ingredients: Soy sauce flavored sesame (sesame, soy sauce, sugar, fermented seasoning, yeast extract, chicken extract, hydrolyzed protein), white sesame, brown seasoning granules (salt, powdered sugar, sugar), white seasoning granules (salt, sugar) , Seasoned konbu (soy sauce, konbu, glucose, fructose,  vinegar, salt), black sesame, konbu dashi flavored granules (salt, lactose, sugar, konbu powder, konbu dashi), seasoned wakame (wakame, salt, glucose syrup), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents (caramel, matcha), xanthan gum

      Allergen information: Contains wheat, chicken, soy
    • To use furikake, simply scoop a spoonful of the desired amount of spice powder and mix it with rice. We recommend a tablespoon for 320g of rice or 2-3 table spoons for an onigiri.
    • Made in Japan by Mizkan