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Furikake Chip

SKU 114904

Furikake Chip are super kawaii with their fish and carrot shapes! Sprinkle it on your rice, and they'll add a vegetable or fish flavor to your meal :-)

Product description

Furikake is made from sesame seeds, salt, and other ingredients that give them their flavor and color. We have two flavours of Furikake Chip, directly from Japan :

  • Ninjin Yasai, with¬†vegetables flavor and cute carrots shape.
  • Osakana, with¬†fish flavor and cute fish shape.

We recommend to use 12g of Furikake (one tablespoon) for 320 grams of rice. A small spoon mixed with your rice should be enough for 3 onigiri. 


  • Volume: 24 g per package
  • Made in Japan by Marumiya.