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Cool Pack Big

Original Price $3.50USD
Current Price $1.92USD

These are one of the bento accessories you can't do without once you got used to them: Our Cool pack will keep your lunch cool for hours and are now available in bigger size for your larger lunch-boxes!


Put one of this ice pack under the box lid and it will do a great job in keeping your food cool until lunch time. Cool Pack Big is specialy designed for our larger, square box like Monbento (Single/Original Double), Nishijin, Nami or anything larger.

Instruction: Place your Cool Pack Big in the freezer overnight, then the gel will turn to ice and disseminate its freshness to your bento. Can't be easier!


These packs will keep your meal cool for up to 4 hours (at room temperature).

Dimensions: 17 x 8 cm (6.7" x 3.1"). 50 mm thick

Be careful, don't make any hole in it, otherwise you could not use it anymore. Keep away from children.
Made in Japan.