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Onigiri Mold Push | Kawaii

SKU 150688

Onigiri Push gives you the choice between two push molds for forming onigiri, Japanese rice balls, with ease!

Product Description

Two designs available(^∇^):

- Onigiri Push Kawaii:  Make up to 3 small cute onigiri at once. The shapes are a star, a heart, and a bear face - perfect for charaben, cute bento boxes (^∇^). 

- Onigiri Push Sankaku: Make up 3 triangular onigiri at once. The triangle is the most classic shape for onigiri. Makes onigiri that are 5 cm (about 2 inches) wide, perfect for your bento box. 

This is the Onigiri Push Kawaii.

The perforated surfaces of the molds allows air to circulate, so that the rice is released easily. 

To use an Onigiri Push Mold, wet both parts with water and shake off any excess. Fill the deep cups with warm rice up to the brim, then push down to make the shape. Take the lid off, and remove the onigiri - done!. Simple and easy illustrative photos are on the packages to guide you. 

Details and Care 

  • Made of polypropelene.
  • Safe up to a temperature of 120°C (248°F). 
  • Made in Osaka, Japan.