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Krewrap Wrapping Film Red (22 cm x 20 m)

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SKU KWRD152208

Have you ever actually every been able to wrap your leftovers in cellophane wrap in just one go? No? Us either! 

Well, Krewrap (in Japanese, "kure wrap"), is going to change your life, then! This household wrapping film is well recognized in Japan and is a bit of a revolution in the field of cellophane wrap.  


This is the first food wrap film launched in Japan. It became one of the must-have tools for Japanese kitchen. 

Dimensions: Red (22 cm x 20 m)

You must probably wonder why we offer Japanese plastic film even though you already have plastic cellophane wrap in your local grocery store? Well, here are a few good reasons:  

1) Japanese people abroad and foreigners that live in Japan rave about it; normal food wrap film is too easily ripped or bunched up, just not practical. 

2) The packaging is of a great quality; you can easily open the package and the cutting edge allows for precise and neat cutting. (See the video below.)

3) It won several prestigious awards such as Good Design Award from Japan, DFA from Germany, and even adopted in Poland. (See the video below)

Product made in Japan.

Do not put the plastic film in an oven or near an open flame.
Be careful with ingredients that have a high fat content. While microwaving, oil can heat and distort the cellophane.