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Halloween Onigiri Set

SKU A-76687

Add a touch of spookiness to your lunch with this fun Jack O'Lantern Onigiri Set! 

Product Description

The Halloween Onigiri Set allows you to make Jack O'Lantern rice balls in three simple steps:


1. Fill the mold with a scoop of rice
2. Cut out facial features from dried seaweed with the nori puncher
3. Place the cut outs on the molded rice balls and voilà!

Pair with our Ghost Picks or Obake (Ghost) Onigiri Set for a complete Halloween lunch. Great for you bento or for Halloween parties! 

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Product Details

Made of polypropylene (mold) and ABS plastic (cut-out punch) and silicone (cutting base).  BPA-free.

Manufactured in China.