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La boutique spécialiste du bento en direct de Kyoto au Japon !

Keep Warm

Brrr… When it gets cold there's nothing like a hot meal, a hot drink or a hot cup of soup, isn't there? Check out all our products that can light a fire in your belly and keep you warm even during the coldest winter! (-_^)  

  • Black + Blum Box Appetit Steel Food Flask | Lime
  • Delicatus Thermal Bag | Mustard Yellow
  • Delicatus Thermal Bag | Navy
  • Delicatus Thermal Bag | Red
  • Kokeshi Bottle Bushi
  • Kokeshi Bottle Hanako
  • Kokeshi Bottle Ichiro
  • Kokeshi Bottle Maiko
  • Makie Bottle
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Mykonos Thermal Bag | Beige
  • Mykonos Thermal Bag | Green
  • Mykonos Thermal Bag | Navy
  • Starba Tumbler Kyoto

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