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Tsujiri Matcha Milk Powder

SKU 410197

Have you ever tried Matcha Milk? It's this amazing sweet tasty Green Tea drink that once you've tried it you will want to make over and over again - it's that delicious!

Dare we say the best drink to ever come out of Japan? Trust us, you'll love it! 

Love matcha tea? See more!

Product Description 

Matcha is Green Tea grinded down to fine powder, which produces an extremely potent flavour - so good is the quality that it is the type of tea used in the legendary Japanese tea ceremonies!

With this amazing Tsujiri Matcha Milk Powder, eastern tea culture adapts a western influence, resulting in an instant powder that creates a delicious matcha-flavored latte! A tasty sweet drink that combines the unique flavor of matcha green tea with the soft flavor of rich milk.

Making yourself a cup of this delicious brew is extremely easy- simply add three teaspoons to either cold or hot water, mix and enjoy! Check our how-to video below! 

Bento and Co presents: Matcha in 30 seconds! from Bentoandco on Vimeo.

The tea used to make this powder isn't just any type - it comes from the very best tea region Japan has to offer- the tea-farming town of Uji! This area is famous for making the best tea in all of the country- enjoy its unique taste in this delicious treat! 

Product Details

  • 200 grams of top quality Uji Matcha Powder
  • Suitable for making delicious iced¬†or hot Matcha Milk lattes
  • Simple and easy preparation instructions in English on the package
  • Ingredients: sugar, dextrin, corn syrup solids, vegetable oil, tea, milk sugar, whole milk powder, salt, yeast extract, sweetened condensed skim milk, emulsifier (soy), casein Na, stabilizer (CMC), pH adjusting agent, phosphoric acid Ca and scent powder.¬†