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Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes | 500g

SKU 012314

An essential ingredient for cooking various dishes in Japanese cuisine.

Product Description

Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) are a type of tuna/bonito that goes through a long process of drying, fermenting, smoking, and shaving. The end result are these absolutely delicious dried flakes with a fishy flavor that just melt in your mouth. It can be used to cook some of your favorite Japanese dishes:

  • the dashi (soup base) for miso soup or soba
  • topping on takoyaki or okonomiyaki
  • seasoning over cold or fried tofu
  • furikake over rice or onigiri rice balls
  • Etc.

This particular package contains one large bag with 500 grams worth of bonito flakes.

Product Details

  • Quantity: 500 grams
  • Ingredients: katsuobushi bonito fish flakes
  • Made in Japan