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Kameda Kaki no tane | Ume & Shiso

SKU 192054

Kameda Kakinotane is the best-selling rice snack Japan. Great with tea and even better with beer. It will definitely remind you of Japan.

Product Description

This Kameda Kakinotane is the Ume & Shiso flavor variety. It comes with 6 x 25g mini packs. 

Product Details

Baked, not fried
Gluten free
No trans fats
Cholesterol free
Ingredients:  Peanut (peanuts, vegetable oil (contains soy), salt), rice (domestic), starch, soy sauce ( contains wheat and soy), umeshio seasoning ( contains wheat and soy), sugar, dried bonito extract, protein hydrolysis products ( contains eggs, chicken and pork products), konbu extract, dried plum meat, seasoning, processed starch, acidulant, sorbitol, flavor, paprika pigment, caramel pigment, spice extract, sweetener (sucralose, Neotame), purple corn pigment, emulsifier