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Furikake Omusubi Yama | Katsuo Bonito Flakes

SKU 838869

Want to give your rice some extra sparkle and taste? Furikake is this amazing, delicious spice powder that will make any rice serving filled with Japanese flavours.  Try it - you will love it ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

Simple and easy, its a great companion for your Bentos! Want to try more please see our other Furikake!


Furikake is a Japanese spice mix made up from various spices like sesame seeds, salt, and other ingredients that give the them their flavour and colour. This furikake is:

  • Katsuo: Dried bonito flakes

You can use it to add flavour to your rice or ochazuke (rice porridge)!


To make Furikake simple spoon the desired amount of spice powder and mix it with the rice - Done! Very very simple and very very tasty! We recommend a table spoon for 320gm of rice or 2-3 table spoons for an onigiri. 

  • 24 g per package
  • Made in Japan by Mizkan.